Where Curiosity Reigns

While studying Theoretical Physics at Kings College London, Omar decided to spend his time absorbing every possible scrap of information available, even taking extra modules in Artifical Intelligence. The study of the universe is something that has always fascinated him but the hidden universe of the mind is just as mind numbingly complex as the world we see around us. Artificial Intelligence is but a stepping stone to understanding ourselves on a much deeper level than we even knew existed.

When I discover who I am, I’ll be free. - Ralph Ellison

The completion of his degree with an upper second class honours has left him with the skill to specialise in optical systems. During his masters project he became well acquainted with the use of FEA simulations to model model optical metamaterials. He is now expanding his knowledge of optics into the realm of high power fibre lasers and their applications in sensing and communication. He is applying the knowledge of modelling he gained to study the thermal effects of high power systems on optical elements.

Messrs: Grayson, Ranasinghe, Essilfie-Quaye, Harvey and Denieffe after 8 hours of Battle Drills

Back To The Beginning

Well 11 years after birth

Omar went to secondary school at Christ's College Finchley where he joined the Combined Cadet Force and attained the rank of Sergeant. He completed his GCSE's there and decided to remain there throught his A-Levels. Whilst working on his A-Levels at the Christ's College Finchley sixth form he also spent his time refining his knowledge of robotics. He enjoyed this so much that to this day, he still goes back and helps the current team prepare for competitions. It is almost like he never actually wanted to leave.